Laptop and coffee image showing the planning stage for I'm opening

About Us

Founded in October 2015 and based in Sydney, Australia, I'm Opening is a vibrant community for discoverers to find the newest shops, cafes and restaurants in their cities. We are connecting the community to new shops and hidden gems that are about to open.

Whether a new cafe or new sneaker store is opening around the corner from your office or your favourite shopping mall, we want to discover these new shops. You can find information such as previews, reviews, products for sale, menus and promotions.

Team & Inspiration

The team has been connected in the instagram foodie scene in Sydney since 2015. They are super excited by the new development and changing face of Sydney (e.g. Barangaroo and George St in the Sydney CBD). Obviously this pace of redevelopment is not unique to their hometown city.

Their most recent trip to New York City (USA) gave the team an opportunity to explore many new shops and cafes since their last visit. This opened their eyes to a global opportunity that was important at the local level. The team (Daniel and Jessica) are aiming to bring the local and global community closer to these new shops.

44 = number of times the community has followed a new shop
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